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At CNY Fertility, we care about people and their fertility at every age and stage of life. We understand that what you do today has a direct impact on your opportunities for tomorrow. For over 20 years, CNY Fertility has helped grow families around the world by providing cutting-edge fertility care that is both affordable and accessible. Now we’re proud to introduce CNY Preserve, a new branch of CNY Fertility devoted entirely to providing affordable egg and embryo cryopreservation services along with fertility education.


In creating CNY Preserve, our founder Dr. Kiltz and the CNY Fertility team are building off of more than two decades of fertility preservation expertise and innovation. We were inspired to further empower our clients by educating them about their fertility. We invite people to take charge of their futures by preserving their fertility options today.

High quality doesn’t have to mean high cost. We offer affordable care that includes testing and assessment of your fertility plus embryo and egg freezing, all in the name of supporting people with possibilities for their futures. If and when you’re ready to use your eggs or embryos to start a family, CNY Fertility will be here to help.

We’re proud to offer discounted Egg Freezing for Oncology Patients. find out more here

Fertility Treatments

At CNY Preserve, we focus on egg and embryo freezing, but if you require additional
services, our parent clinic CNY Fertility offers a complete array of treatment options you can find at CNYFertility.com

If you don’t get a period often (or at all), ovulation induction can be an ideal first step.

IUI | Intrauterine Insemination
Intrauterine Insemination is simple and cost-effective way of improving the odds of conceiving. Many people start fertility treatment here.

IVF | In Vitro
IVF is the gold standard of fertility medicine and gives all clients the highest chance of a successful pregnancy.

Genetic testing enables us to identify highest-potential embryos and select gender.

Partnering with donors to get eggs, sperm, or embryos can up your fertility game.

Frozen Embryo Transfer: thawing and transferring of a previously frozen embryo.

Tubal Ligation
TRs are a successful way for those who had their tubes tied to reverse the “permanent” birth control measure and have children once again.

This option is for men who want to reverse their vasectomy.

For those who have been long-battling infertility, we offer an immune protocol to give you the highest chance of success.

Meet Our Team

Justine Taylor
Nurse Manager

Maribelle Verdiales, MD

Margaret Marnell
Nurse Practitioner

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I believe that everyone deserves a to have a family. At CNY Fertility we provide access to care for all, including those turned away from other clinics.

Dr. Robert Kiltz
Founder & Director, CNY Fertility

Above & Beyond

CNY’s robust network of staff, fertility experts, and clients form a community that provides support and resources on your fertility journey.  


Our parent clinic offers full service fertility treatments and the Circle of Hope support group.

Our founder and director shares inspiration on health, wellness, and mindset.

Our Healing Arts centers support your process with acupuncture, massage, and Fertile Hope Yoga.

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